Sorry for the inconvenience so early in the life of my blog, but I have decided to move to Blogger-  Because I love Google.  Also, I realized that there are a few other blogs out there named ‘Sew Weekly’!  Oops.

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Thank you for checking up on me!  Happy sewing!!


I’m in love with this four-piece feminine number from the 70s.  I can only hope that I could look as cutesy in it as the cover girls do!  lol  This Butterick pattern is for sure on my pattern wishlist.  (If I can find one in good condition.)  Too bad spring is soooo far away…

Also, I’m super excited about some new fall/winter 2010 patterns:

V8685, A beautiful Vogue Easy Options pattern, for this winter I’m thinking of going with what the model is wearing, only in the mid-calf length version

V8697, another Vogue Easy Options pattern.  I l-o-v-e cinch waisted skirts!  Just um, not in denim.  Eww.  I haven’t seen anyone wear the longer version.  I think I’ll try a knee-length and a longer length.  A girl can never have too many pencil skirts!

V8190, because it’s the closest pattern I could find to one of my current ready-to-wear wannabes, this rouched red strapless dress from Express.  I actually like the center rouching on the vogue pattern and its slightly longer length.  I would totally do away with the hemline tulle/lace.  Too fancy for a hot dinner date, no?

B5559, a Maggy London design.  Chic!  Clean lines.  A good winter knit.  I think this would look great in charcoal.

What’s on your to-make list this winter?

This week I will be working on a pencil skirt using a plaid “British Frenzy” fabric.  Although I’ve made this pattern before, it will be a challenge working with this plaid fabric because of its design and characteristics- it’s fuzzy and changes shape every two minutes.  The skills I will be perfecting are making darts, inserting an invisible zipper, and sewing a nice looking hem.

The pattern is taken from the awesomely informative book Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp, it’s the “Naughty Secretary Skirt”.  I cut it out last night and now I’m off to sew up the darts…we’ll see how this goes because I can’t get any marks to show up on this fabric!!  Any reader tips out there??

Here’s something I love to do while sewing– listen to Pandora radio!  The Jason Mraz station is playing on my speakers…


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